Lord Of The Rings And Hobbit El Humongo Collectors Set

The Lord Of The Rings trilogy of movies are very high on my list of all time favorites; a largely reverential telling of the beloved JRR Tolkien books. It was remarkable and even quite moving to see a "serious" (but not humorless) attempt to film what had long been considered un-filmable.  

The Hobbit trilogy, on the other hand, smacked of a cash grab. Stretching a short book into three overstuffed over-the-top movies was too much even for me, even counting some good performances and several stirring set pieces. I still have not actually watched the third movie.

The latest offering from New Line Cinema also sounds like a bit of a cash grab to me - an $800 Middle Earth Ultimate Collectors Edition (10% off at Amazon!), which is a Blu-ray boxed set behemoth that knows no bounds (or restraint).
What exactly do you get by paying essentially a $595 upgrade price [referring to the existing Blu-ray set]? After all, no new disc content is coming to this 30-disc set. The priciest part of the UCE appears to be a wooden shelf complete with a carved logo on both of its sides. 

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