My "One Please" Movie Watching

I don't watch a lot of movies; I seem to have neither the time nor the inclination in recent years. I do have a small (rather eclectic) collection that I view from time to time at home, but my visits to the theater are usually relegated to "superhero" movies in the past few years; Iron Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Ant Man, The Avengers and so on.

In that regard, I am a big kid. It's been fun living long enough to see visual effects getting to the place where you only know they are effects because what you are seeing could not really happen; otherwise, the action appears to be real most of the time.

I also have a soft spot for most Pixar-type movies; Toy Story, Brave, Up!, Big Hero 6, and so on. My wife would tell you that my head is the soft spot in question. Yes, I am also a "one please" movie goer most of the time, unless my daughter is in town and wants to see something.

I will be glad when the "remake" fad dies off a bit, though. I can understand "reboots" to some degree, but remakes less so. A reboot would be where a property is changed up a bit and "reinvented for a new audience", where as a remake is just that; essentially the same story with a different cast.

The former is hit or miss at the box office, the latter almost always a miss - with the possible exception of Disney remaking their animated classics as live-action movies.

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