Nearly Half Of Americans Victims Of Cyber Fraud

I dislike all the "cyber" terms, but I really dislike the fact that almost half of Americans have already suffered come form of cyber-fraud according to a survey (PDF here) from the Digital Citizens Alliance.

Why is this (still) happening, since most of us are broadly aware that the Internet can be a scary place?

Many reasons, the main one being that if there is money to be made, the bad guys will find a way to circumvent whatever security measures are in place in order to line their pockets. Others include our penchant for using passwords like "password123", or "qwerty123" - they may be easy for you to remember, but are also trivial for the bad guys to discover. Once they have one password, it's that much easier to rummage through your digital chest of drawers to look for the good stuff.

Lastly, it's shocking to me how many times we hear about websites being secured poorly (or not at all), and how things like backup tapes or USB drives with sensitive data still go missing.

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