Smartphones - Is Bigger Better?

As a penny-pincher of long standing, it takes quite a lot of hand-wringing for me to pony up even relatively modest amounts of money (less than $100 in this case), and so I am nervously evaluating my recent smartphone upgrade.

I currently use BoostMobile, one of the no-contract providers, and up until last week I had a Motorola Moto G phone, which I actually got for nothing (yes, zero dollars) a couple of years ago during a special promotion. 

The Moto G was fine, a very nice (and well-reviewed) budget phone, although recently I could see the battery was starting to show it's age a wee bit. While the display is rather good, I sometimes wished it was just a bit bigger.

Enter the ZTE Warp Elite, with a 5.5 inch screen vs the Motorola's 4.5 inch screen. Boost was offering this at a promotional price and with one thing and another, it ended up costing me $70, which while not free is still pretty good.

The main thing is a much bigger screen, and even though it is actually the same screen resolution, the one inch increase actually appears to be a big improvement. In fact the phone itself seems huge (not heavy, just BIG) compared to the Moto G. 

I notice that I can't comfortably use the Warp Elite one-handed as I did with the Moto G, but the fact that it's easier to see, has more internal storage, more RAM and a 13 Megapixel camera more than makes up for that, I think. Plus the battery life already appears to be about twice that of my older phone, which I also really appreciate.

Oh, and it has a WiFi hotspot feature - another nice touch. Amazing what a difference a few years makes in the evolution of the smartphone. I guess I can live with the $70; in this case, bigger is better for me.

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