Weekly Round-Up, August 12

Once a week, I try to bring you a small selection of links to items of interest that caught my eye since the last update; something for you to ponder over the weekend.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update - watch out for these nasty surprises

Hulu will soon end it's free streaming options

More airline outages seen as carriers grapple with aging technology

Woman loses Hospice care because she's lived longer than expected

If the 2015 election is hacked, it's because no one is listening to these people

Is Apple Maps still the laughing stock of map apps?

Scotland just generated more power than it needs from wind turbines alone

The common wisdom about dog nipples is wrong

1 comment :

John D Carmack said...

If the 2015 election is hacked, then I want to know how much a time machine costs. :)