Bid Windows 10 Upgrade Ads Adieu At Last

A couple of months after the Windows 10 free upgrade offer expired, Microsoft is moving to get rid of those (frankly overdone) upgrade ads. In it's zeal to get everyone on board with Windows 10, not only did Microsoft offer a free upgrade to users of Windows 7 and later, they also indulged in a very aggressive campaign to make sure as many as possible did so. 

I would venture to say that the heavy-handed approach alienated more than a handful of PC users, but that will be over soon as Microsoft put out an update that will remove the nagging upgrade pleas. It got so craven that people (myself included) installed 3rd party software on their Windows 7 systems to avoid having the update install "accidentally".
The Get Windows 10 software, however, has finally been purged from user systems. Mary Jo Foleyspotted that a patch shipped yesterday, KB3184143, which removes the Get Windows 10 promotional software.

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