Facebook Is Wearing Me Out

I actually like Facebook as a concept, and it has helped me reconnect with several friends I thought I would never hear from again. But I tell you, I just can't deal with the relentless negativity on subjects like Presidential politics and race relations - it's just sucking out my soul the last couple of months.

I realize I can unfollow people, and I have actually done so with a few folk. I also can block articles from certain sites, or users, but I still have to see the damn things in the first place. Everyone seems so smug and self-assured in their pontificating.

It's just too much aggravation; I come home from work, have dinner, fire up Facebook and it's overflowing with screeching posts that Presidential hopeful A is the AntiChrist and Presidential Hopeful B is the Second Coming. And stuff about Football players not standing for the National Anthem, and on, and on, and on....

Too much, just too much. I am taking a  break for a while; maybe days, maybe weeks, maybe longer. As long as it takes.

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