Robotic Surgery INSIDE His Eye Restores UK Man's Vision

A patient in the UK had the vision in one eye restored following a robotic surgery conducted inside his eyeball. Robotic surgery is becoming more common, but this is the first of it's kind and shows remarkable promise for the future.
The robot, which filters out hand tremors, allowing delicate procedures to be carried out with greater precision, was used to peel back a membrane a hundredth of a millimetre thick on patient Bill Beaver's retina.
The term robotic surgery can be misleading, as it suggests a surgical procedure being carried out by a robot, like car parts might be assembled by production line robots. 

The "robot" in the surgical procedure is typically used to extend the reach or dexterity of the surgeon, allowing placement and movement that may have been deemed too risky in the past if attempted by traditional methods.

A typical robotic surgery setup

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