The November Elections Will Be Ugly

Warning, commentary ahead...

It's going to be an ugly Presidential election in November. 

Both sides are rabidly opposed to the other at a visceral level, and to be perfectly honest, I have been appalled at the coordinated level of vitriol directed at Donald Trump from, well, everyone: Democrats, national and international press, and from almost everyone in the entertainment industry.

No matter what you may think of his platform, the coverage thus far smacks of a monumental hatchet job - and I assure you I am not a Alex Jones-type conspiracy theorist. While I confess I dislike Sen Clinton (I have no ill will towards her, but I feel she is representative of the worst kind of career politician), the one-sided way things are being presented to the public is shameful.

And of course the specter of election fraud is looming, where I can foresee bitter arguments from all regardless of the result of the vote. Electronic voting systems have been shown to be quite hackable, and the possibility of some state-sponsored malarky seems real.

In the end, no matter who is elected, they will be inheriting a poisonous environment of growing racial strife and pending monetary disaster (have you looked at our national debt recently?). 

Regarding the job of US President itself, to paraphrase maid Idella from "Driving Miss Daisy"; "I wouldn't want that job if the sweet Lord Jesus came down Himself and asked me".

You will be glad to know this will be my last rant along these lines, I have tried hard not to pontificate, and I think I have only made a couple of actual "political" posts this year. 

So fear not, and vote your conscience.

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