BBB Puts The Hammer Down On Wells Fargo

Remember the recent Well Fargo fiasco, where a lot of shady stuff was going on with customer accounts, leading to thousands of scapegoats lower level employees getting the heave-ho? Yeah, so does the Better Business Bureau...
CNBC reports that Wells Fargo is no longer accredited by the organization — which is made up of 112 independently incorporated local organizations coordinated under the Council of Better Business Bureaus.
Each of Wells Fargo’s pages on the individual BBB websites now include the disclaimer “THIS BUSINESS IS NOT BBB ACCREDITED.”


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Anonymous said...

WFHM is at a D+ with the BBB, this is the next big story. Please evaluate and report about my website: I have outlined my ongoing problem with Wells Fargo on my site. I need help so badly. Wells Fargo is still destroying my life for no reason. I had an 800+ credit score before Wells Fargo started messing up my loans and fraudulently reporting my status to the credit bureaus. Stop hurting me Wells Fargo.