Insulin Pump Potentially Open To "Hack"

Modern electronics and computer technology help us in many, many areas. Unfortunately, we seem to be mired in various security issues with digital devices of all kinds. The so-called "Internet of Things", where disparate devices are connected to the Internet (household fridges, slow cookers and the like), has caused more than a few problems.

This insulin pump issue is actually not an "Internet of Things" problem, since the device communicates via radio frequencies, but it shows that manufacturers still need to be circumspect about electronic security, particularly for medical devices. The pump in question can potentially be hacked, and deliver incorrect dosages; a big problem for diabetic patients.
Users of the Animas OneTouch Ping insulin pump system have been warned that security vulnerabilities in the device allow attackers to remotely deliver insulin doses.
On Tuesday, researchers from Rapid7 revealed the existence of three vulnerabilities in the Animas OneTouch Ping insulin pump system.
The described flaw is not trivial to execute, but it exists and is ultimately serious.


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