Lithium Ion Battery Failures - Perspective And Fixes

Scanning the news, it might appear that smartphone and other lithium ion rechargeable batteries are blowing up or catching fire all over the place. In fact, with over a billion such batteries in daily use, only a relative handful cause any such problems. You are much more likely to be struck by lightning than have your smartphone battery catch fire.

That's not to say it's not a serious issue - if you get 3rd degree burns or your home catches fire because of a battery failure, that's serious. What causes these scary instances, and are the issues being looked at?

One of the problems is the ongoing goal of making batteries thinner and thiner. We are packing a lot of energy into ever-slimmer packages, and tolerances are so fine that any minor manufacturing issues may lead to significant problems.
...while no replacement for Li-ion batteries will be appearing in phones in the next year or two, the field is so crowded with contenders that experts think we’re not far from devices powered by batteries that are both safer and more powerful.
Consumer Reports


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