Slinking Back To Facebook

Well, that was pretty quick. I stomped off Facebook in a snit about 3 weeks ago, and just slinked back after realizing that I actually missed it. I didn't miss the sponsored posts and the invitations to silly games (and the rabid political posts), but I found - somewhat to my surprise - that I actually did miss the social aspect of the platform. 

The main reason I started on Facebook in the first place was the easy way it allowed interaction with friends and family scattered around the globe. It allows me to share photos and other media to a (small) circle of other Facebookers, and I have grown to enjoy that.

The couple of weeks I took off did help, though; I was getting burned out over some of the stuff I was seeing. The time allowed me to gather myself and my thoughts, and put things into perspective. 

It is a little odd, admitting to myself (and to you) that I missed the social media platform that everyone loves to hate.

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