Tesla's New Solar Roofing And Energy Storage System

Tesla (yes, the fancy electric car folk) have unveiled a new residential solar roofing system, to be used in conjunction with the latest version of their existing Powerwall battery technology.

The new solar tiles appear to be primarily aimed at new construction situations, or where an existing roof would be completely replaced. The glass-based tiles are designed to look much like a "normal" roof from the street, but offer a complete roof-sized solar panel that will stand up to destructive weather such as hail.
The Powerwall 2 can store 14 kWh of energy, with a 5 kW continuous power draw, and 7 kW peak. The battery is warranted for unlimited power cycles for up to 10 years. It can be floor or wall mounted, inside or outside. It can be used for load shifting or back-up power.
The average US home currently consumes around 30kWh each day. The Powerwall 2 battery system costs around $5,500. While there is no indication on the cost of the roof yet, the material is expected to last much longer than a traditional (in the USA) asphalt tile roof.


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