Yahoo! Is! Dead! To! Me!

Okay, I am done with Yahoo! Their free web-based email service was the first one I signed up for and I have had a Yahoo! email address for more than 10 years.

After their handling of the latest massive breach, which people in the know "sat on" for two years, I am done. I emptied out my email account and am in the process of copying my Flickr photos and some other minor things before deleting my Yahoo! account.

It's not that they made a mistake and came clean about it. Most web companies have done that at one time or another. Yahoo! appear to have a recurring cavalier "so what" attitude about these kind of things. Oh, they will "say" the right-sounding platitudes, but their actions say otherwise. I can't live with that.

Once an email account is hacked and accessible to others, there is a trail of breadcrumbs available that can lead the bad guys to accessing other accounts you may have. We need to be told promptly when hacks occur, so we can at least try to minimize any damage.

Oh, and here's one more thing to tip the balance.

No, Yahoo! finally blew it for me this time.

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