What Did Adobe Say He Said?

I think most of us realize that we are at a place where images (and even videos in many cases) can be convincingly faked or altered to show pretty much whatever we want. The term "Photoshopped" has come to mean an image that has been altered (after the Adobe Photoshop image editing software).

Adobe has also now developed software that can do much the same thing for speech - enabling one to essentially sample a voice and replay it saying pretty much anything; no mucking around with splicing audio tapes or any of that stuff. Extremely clever, but more than a little worrisome in this age of "gotcha" journalism and political scandals, I would say.
...Adobe developed the software to help podcasters and audio book editors. Typing out the new audio instead or re-recording would be a blessing in both professions. But Adobe knows this can be used to make people say things they didn't say.

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