Amazon Echo vs Google Home

A couple of years ago, Amazon introduced the Echo - a voice activated home digital assistant/automation device that has become their most popular hardware product. It's sort of like Apple's Siri assistant, but in this case it stays on your living room, and uses the Alexa voice service to serve you.

This year, Google has unveiled their take on the Echo, in the form of Google Home, a device with similar functionality. Both have the ability to use the online service IFTTT (If This Then That), allowing automation of many different things (remember, we are connecting everything to the Internet these days).

Being primarily software devices, both can be updated readily enough, although the Home is the newer system - so which is "better"? Which might you plunk down some dollars on?

HowToGeek to the rescue...

sort of like HAL 9000, minus the homicidal tendencies

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