Apple Steps Up To Address iPhone 6s Battery Shutdowns

Some iPhone 6s owners (a small number, Apple insists) have run into a problem where the phone will shut down if the battery capacity falls to around 30%. While Apple says this is in fact the way the phone should act under the circumstances (i.e. the battery is not working as expected), it's still frustrating for the phone to shut off when there is still some battery capacity available.

To their credit, Apple says they have tracked down a specific manufacturing issue with their batteries and are replacing the affected hardware accordingly. You can check here if your battery is eligible.

Unfortunately, we seem to be going through a bad patch with mobile device batteries of late, as slimmer batteries mean closer tolerances during manufacture and more potential for possible trouble later.
Apple did provide a few new details: "We found that a small number of iPhone 6s devices made in September and October 2015 contained a battery component that was exposed to controlled ambient air longer than it should have been before being assembled into battery packs. As a result, these batteries degrade faster than a normal battery and cause unexpected shutdowns to occur. It's important to note, this is not a safety issue."

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