Donald Trump And The Slippery Slope

I will do something here that I seldom do; talk a little about politics and policies. I actually don't have particularly strong political opinions (Mrs Oldgoat handles that department), but I do look for fairness, or at least the appearance of it.

Donald Trump is the President elect of the United States, duly elected by the normal process - a process that we were assured was not subject to fraud and hacking - right up until Mr. Trump actually won.

When I listened to Donald Trump on the campaign trail I heard a populist message, delivered by a showman - someone who "shoots from the lip". He became a darling to (some) on the political right more because of how he said things than by what he sometimes actually said.

All that is open to debate and discussion of course, there may be some of you reading this with steam coming out of your ears and grinding your teeth over how I could possibly not decry this racist, fascist buffoon! Fine, each to his own.

However this so-called "fake news" and "alt right" crackdown is nothing but a petulant poke at free speech by those whose team did not win this time around (a vast, left-wing conspiracy?). The Washington Post has even created a "fact check" plugin for tweets made by Mr Trump (only for him, of course - no one else needs to be checked).

All the mainstream media pundits, polling experts, and pontificating talking heads, plus the bulk of the Hollywood and music industry crowd - mostly living and working on the coasts, away from "flyover country" - could not derail the so-called Trump Train, and now they want to take their ball and go home. Trump could not possibly have won, so he didn't. "Not my President!"

Even First Lady Michelle Obama could not resist a dig on the way out.

When you start banning or stifling things you don't want to hear, it's a slippery slope. I do not agree with most of what the First Lady said (or even that fact that she said it publicly at all), but in this country she can say what she likes, and surely we can form our own opinions without it being "fact-checked" for us.

Even if you think we just decided upon the lesser of two evils (which I think was the case for a lot of people), maybe we can consider giving Trump a couple of years and see how things go?

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