First World Problems - Movie Edition

It never fails to amaze me how much time and energy we spend getting into a tizzy over trivial things - I mean *really* trivial things - like whether the latest Star Wars movie has a "crawl" at the start of the movie. 

The crawl refers to the yellow writing that disappears into the distance on all the other Star Wars movies, that gives you a synopsis of the story so far. Rogue One does not have that, and it's apparently divided the Star Wars community in some way.

I noticed it did not have a crawl only because I have been programmed to expect it after the "LucasFilm" logo, but then promptly forgot about it and watched (and enjoyed) the rest of the movie.

While millions of people around the world hope that their next drink of water will not give them dysentery and possibly kill them, we in the "first world" are frazzled over a couple of paragraphs of scrolling text on a movie screen.

Perspective, my goodness.

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