Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

The magic mirror in Snow White kept telling the Queen that she was the fairest in all the land - except when one day she wasn't, but that's another story.

A Chicago company (Glance) is bring a magic mirror of sorts to market, one that gives you a summary of your day as you shave, put makeup on, or whatever. It's not a big iPad hung on the wall that you would touch, but rather interaction is by voice command.

Interestingly, an initial thought of using facial recognition on the mirror was sound shot down when women recoiled at the thought of some web-connected camera in their bathroom - and I can't blame them one bit.
They plan to sell through high-end kitchen, bath and fixture retailers and to luxury hotel and apartment developers. For consumers, the suggested retail price will be $1,800. They expect to begin production in March for May delivery.

image courtesy Chicago Tribune

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