Paying For Wikipedia

The Wikipedia web site ran a "pledge drive" again this Christmas holiday, and I actually made a small contribution to the Wikimedia Foundation (which runs the site). Notwithstanding my miserly demeanor, I do give to charities and the like, but I am usually pretty circumspect about who gets my hard-earned money.

It seems though that the requests for donations went past the point where their stated goals had been reached, and only stopped when they were "called out" on that fact, as this Register article details. I guess if you get get people to give you money, it's hard to stop asking.

I don't regret donating to keep the Wikipedia site going, but to be honest this has moved it down the list of priorities for any donations I may make next year.
The WMF will raise some $77m in the 2015-16 cycle. The site costs $2m to operate. The rest goes to paying a new administrative class of staff at the WMF - the fundraising alone employs 17 people - and a new endowment, which can be used for political lobbying. The hard-working volunteers who write and edit the pages don't get a penny.

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