Don't Poke The Wookiee

In the original Star Wars movie (Episode IV, if you are keeping count) there is a short scene where one of the droids (R2, I think) makes a devastating "holographic chess" move against Chewbacca, and the big fella is pretty miffed. 

C3PO then chirps that it was a fair move, and that no-one cares if a droid gets upset about something like that. Han Solo then smirks that droids don't generally tear people's arms off when they lose, which Wookiees are known to do.

Well, in an early cut of Force Awakens (Episode VII) Chewbacca actually does tear someone's arm off, quite deliberately. He steps on the character's foot to give him some leverage, gives a Wookiee-powered yank and flings the arm onto a poker table (or the the intergalactic equivalent thereof).

It's not clear if the scene was cut for time, good taste, or if it was just one too many bits of fan-service in a move that was already pretty well stuffed. You can view the (bloodless) scene here, with incompletely-rendered CGI (in case you wondered why it looks a bit odd).

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