Doxware Ups The Ransomware Ante

Ransomware is a particularly nasty form of malware; ransomware encrypts (scrambles) your data (documents, photos, videos) and requires that you pay the bad guys before they will provide a software "key" so you can regain access to your own stuff.

In a new twist, the makers of this kind of crap have added the threat of posting your data online. Ugh. This so-called "doxware" just adds a little extra turn of the screw in order to squeeze some money out of you.
The technology behind doxware is still new, but expect the problem to become worse. Recent attacks have been contained to Windows desktop computers and laptops, but this will certainly change. Once the malware can infiltrate mobile devices, the threat will become even more pervasive, with text messages, photos, and data from apps at risk for being leaked.

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