Facebook Friend Fails

I have never been one to enjoy arguing; partly because I don't consider myself to have very many firmly held beliefs, and partly because I just don't enjoy the process of arguing. Some people do like the back and forth, but I simply do not - whether it's in person or online.

I sometimes think I am cursed with the ability to usually see both sides of a position. It's not that I am amoral, or that I can't distinguish right from wrong. I do hold some moral absolutes, but I can usually sympathize with either side to some degree, and that weakens my desire to "get into it".

Consequently, I have found myself "un-following" quite a few Facebook Friends since Donald Trump became our President. I tire over some of the vile things some are saying, and I am genuinely surprised at some of the level of hatred on display, I truly am.

I know many are just "passing on" tidbits from the likes of Madonna and others, but it's jarring and unpleasant - yet I am not inclined to bring people to task on it.

I did not like President Obama (there, I said it - scaring away half my already feeble readership), but I certainly did not wish him or his family ill will. He was the 44th President of the United States, and deserves the respect due that position.

We should also remember that we have not always elected politicians as President - Hoover, Taft and Eisenhower come to mind - and that Mr. Trump should maybe be at least given a few months to screw up, if he is going to do that.

With half the country and almost all the media, Hollywood and the music industry pulling against him, we can probably assume he will fail - and then everyone will be happy again. 

Is that what we are waiting for?

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