Clickety-Click And RSS

Every once in a while - less often than you might think, to be honest - I get a burr under my saddle about Random Stupid Sh*t, or RSS, as I think of it. My current bout of dismay over RSS is they way so many YouTube and social media posts are titled.

Yes, I understand that a "click bait" phrase can attract some attention, but my wrathful eye is currently favoring the "try not to laugh" or "laugh challenge" video posts littering YouTube, and the "bet you can't ..." offerings I see ad nauseum on Facebook. I will not even dignify them by providing links, I am sure you have stumbled into these yourself.

Regarding the former, why in the name of all that is holy would I make myself watch something that is supposedly hilariously funny and simultaneously try to force myself NOT to laugh (or "smile or grin", or whatever the "challenge" is)? I can see no scenario under which that would accrue to my advantage or enjoyment.

Regarding the latter items on Facebook (at least that's where they torment me), they go along the lines of "Bet you can't give a dog's name without the letter E in it". You absorb that for a split second, and realize that there are probably thousands of dog's names that would satisfy that cretinous criteria. Huh??

I cringe further when I realize many of these are being passed around by my Facebook friends - people I thought I knew, and even perhaps liked.

Lest you think, dear reader, that I am a humorless curmudgeon - I assure you I like puns, Laurel & Hardy, Monty Python, Douglas Adams and Mel Brooks, among others. I do plead guilty on the curmudgeon part through, at least some of the time.

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