Creeping Consumerism In The Digital Age

Although I work in IT, I am not really the big gadget freak that some of my co-workers seem to be. This is mostly because - as I keep seeming to mention in my posts - I am pretty cheap (and my wife is too).

Having said that, I was a bit shocked to realize that around our home we have quite a bit of digital flotsam and jetsam, more than I am completely comfortable admitting to, if I am honest. True, most of it is neither of recent vintage or best quality, but there is quite a bit of it.

Try it yourself (unless you already acknowledge that you are a gadget freak) -  take a moment to mentally go through each room and tally what you have. You may be genuinely surprised at how many TVs, TV boxes, computers, tablets, smartphones, wearable device, etc. you come up with.

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