Nosy Smart TVs And How To Get Them To Butt Out

Smart TVs are also nosy TVs; they can and do collect various types of information on your viewing habits, and pretty much all of them do it. Now this refers specifically to "smart" TVs, the ones that have Internet connections and the ability to stream content without a separate Roku or other similar streaming device.

In most cases too, it's straightforward enough to turn off most or all of this "surveillance" just by taking a few moments and going through the TVs settings. I would suggest that you do; there is a concept in computer security known as "least privilege" - meaning that you only should be given enough security permission to do the task in hand and no more than that.

You can flip that around regarding your personal information; no one else really needs to "know" what you watch, read or listen to - so if you have the ability to keep that private, why wouldn't you?

Consumerist has a handy-dandy guide on how to turn off the data gathering options for several TV brands here.

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