Second Life Gives Just That For Some Hurting People

Second Life is a virtual reality computer game that is, or can be, more than a game - particularly for those who may be disabled in some way in real life. For some of them, Second Life has actually become just that; a place to enjoy things they cannot in the real world.
In 2007, Krueger joined Second Life with a few disabled friends she knew from online chat groups.
At the time, she was becoming more isolated as her multiple sclerosis progressed. She’d lost her job, had to drop her volunteer work, and couldn’t even attend her children’s school events. Her friends had stopped coming to see her. She was 58.
“I basically was stuck in my room,” says Krueger. “I’m not that kind of a boring person. I was looking around for, ‘What can I do if I can’t do anything in the physical world?’”


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