Splashing Out - Cheapskate Style

I was fortunate enough to receive a bonus at work recently, and uncharacteristically I splashed out and ordered a new quadcopter. Since I got my first and current small quad, I have wanted to get one with a camera. 

I mostly use my little quad as a dog toy - they chase it around the back yard, and both seem to really enjoy that. I thought it would be fun to try and get some "you are there" video of them running, leaping and snapping.

Now, being an inveterate cheapskate, my "splashing out" was less than $50. The drone I ordered is still small, although a little bigger the the Hubsan X4 I currently have - but still no FCC registration required.

The camera is 720p, which is effectively the bottom end of "HD", but the videos I have seen online from several different sources have all looked surprisingly good for this type of drone.

The sweeping, smooth aerial drone shots you see online are from gear costing many hundreds of dollars and up - this is not that, but I don't need that. I also don't need the stress of a mortgage payment hovering around supposedly under my control.

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