Super 8 To Digital Gadget

Those of us who are old enough to have home movies and the like in a format that is now effectively "obsolete" sometime struggle to find ways to preserve those memories in a way that can be easily viewed by current technology.

For Super 8 movies (those little reels of narrow movie film), you might use this gadget from Hammacher Schlemmer that allows conversion to a digital format that is supposedly faster than previously existing methods.

The conversion device looks like an old Super 8 projector, but with a small video screen. It converts the Super8 film at about 2 frames per second onto an SD card, and you can then move the files around as needed.

It's pricey at around $500 (and does not convert sound), so if it were me I would probably use one of those conversion services - unless I had a treasure trove of memories and plenty of time to oversee the conversion myself.

I realize that for some of you, this may as well be a papyrus scroll...

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