Brain Exercises And Healthy Lifestyle vs Alzheimer's

I lost my mother-in-law to Alzheimer's disease. From my viewpoint it was a slow, malignant sucking away of her very soul, the person she was. It was a ghastly experience for everyone involved, and took a big emotional toll on her remaining family, as it does with many other families worldwide.

Apart from some kind of actual cure or vaccine, could anything have been done to prevent this happening to an otherwise healthy person in their late sixties? 

We often hear that exercising of the mind and brain, and a good diet may help. My mother-in-law was a smart, educated woman, head nurse in a cardiology department; she was already retired and had plenty of hobbies to keep her occupied and pretty active. 

Like many older African-Americans, her diet was pretty high in salt and fat, but she was not a large woman. So, would have the healthier lifestyle and active mental exercises have helped her?

The latest research says - they still don't know. No doubt, it's better to "eat healthy" and "keep active" in a general sense, but it does not yet appear to actually help curb or mitigate Alzheimer's.

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