Cord Cutting - A Year Later

We dropped our satellite TV service a little over a year ago, and decided to try using a streaming service instead - SlingTV in our case. So, how do we feel about it, a year or so later?
Honestly, pretty good. We have save around $1,100 during that time, including the cost of buying a Roku streaming device - which to be completely truthful was the main reason we did this, just saving some money.

Mrs Oldgoat and I are trying to tighten up the budget for the time when we may be able to retire, and this has helped quite a bit. Interestingly, we find ourselves watching less TV, and being more discriminating about what we do watch.

Personally, I find myself watching stuff on YouTube more often that not - YouTube has quite a bit of live streaming and other TV-type content these days - and that's just regular YouTube, not YouTube Red. The SlingTV service is also no-contract, so we can stop it at any time (and restart it again when desired).

The only thing we actually missed was Cleveland Indians baseball during the regular season (although we did see them in the playoffs!). The MLB seems to be extremely protective of their broadcasts' availability within a market area, other sports a little less so.

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