Pandora Premium, And Other Streaming Choices

I like music, I really do. I can still remember listening to the Queen II album on vinyl into the wee hours with my headphones cranked up to 11, so I could try to hear all those voices and guitars that were assaulting my senses (in a good way).

Even so, with all the music already available on the radio and on streaming music services (for free!), I just don't feel the need to pay for a subscription. I will put up with a few ads rather than paying $7.99 here and $9.99 there - I only have so much time to listen anyway, and I only have two ears.

I currently mostly use the Tune-In and Pandora apps on my tablet to listen in the evening (I can't listen to music at work, and I think it would just distract me anyway).

Now Pandora is launching a new premium service, and one wonders if they are not a bit late to the game. Granted, they have an interesting "recommendation" feature that can help you find new music or artists, but even so... I wish them the best, I have enjoyed the free service over the months.

Here is a current look at the streaming scene from Digital Trends, highlighting 5 of the best.

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