Solar Cells With 26% Efficiency (That's GOOD)

Solar cells are not very efficient; in other words they only convert a small fraction of the sun's radiate energy into electrical energy, This is mostly due to the fact that the current technology can only around convert around 30% of the received energy, even at it's theoretical limit.

Even so, a Japanese manufacturer has now produced a cell that can convert a little over 26% of the energy it receives, when is pretty great if you think about it. High quality commercially available cells currently tend to max out in the low 20% range of efficiency.

Progress is being made, and hopefully this will "trickle down" and help everyone, although one would hope for some kind of big breakthrough at some point, maybe some method we have not thought of up to now. The Sun pumps out endless energy, and it would be wonderful if we could utilize it a bit better.

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