Stem Cell Trial Leads To Blindness For Three Elderly Women

Three older female applicants signed up for a clinical trial titled “Study to assess the safety and effects of cells injected intravitreal in dry macular degeneration”, which was listed on the US government website 

The circumstances surrounding the trial are a bit murky and a little suspicious (the women had to pay to participate), and unfortunately all three lost their sight after the process. 
It is possible, even likely, that the they gained a false sense of security because the study was listed on, a widely used national register of clinical trials. The service is administered by the US National Institutes of Health.
Its presence on the register might reasonably be assumed to imply that the procedure and the study was in some way regulated and subject to oversight.
You can read more here. The story as reported lacks enough details (in my opinion) to conclude if this was some kind of poorly run, or even deceptive kind of procedure, or just a very unfortunate result of a genuine scientific investigation.

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