A Scanner In Your Pocket

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you should already have access to a rather neat scanning device in your hands. You can get scanning apps for iPhone and Android of course, but Android also has a built-in item that works well.

Open your Google Drive app and you will see a blue circle with a white "+" sign. Click that and select "Scan" and place the item to be scanned as flat as possible and use the device's camera to frame the item.

You will see some grid lines to help you line things up reasonably straight, and try to leave a bit of space around the edges of the item. That is, don't completely fill the frame with the page you are scanning.

The app should automatically focus and you then take the picture like you normally would. You will see a preview of the scanned image; at that point, you can accept the scan, delete the scan, or proceed to add another page to the scan. 

Once you are satisfied, the scan is saved as a PDF document to your Google Drive, and you can download it or otherwise work with it from there (email it, etc).

The nice thing is that the app does a very creditable job of squaring up the scan and flattening out minor curls and such in the paper - the results I have gotten with this have been consistently good. 

The couple of people I have shown this to had no idea it was available, hence my mentioning it here, as I have found it very useful on several occasions.

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