Cloudy, With A Chance Of Outages

I had a bit of a scare (computer-wise) yesterday. The cloud sync software I use - essentially an online backup - went offline yesterday and part of today. My online files were no longer available, and I could not even login to their website. I do have local backups and indeed I seldom miss an opportunity to spout off to readers of this blog about making backups. 

However, I realized much to my chagrin that my last local backup was actually made several weeks ago. Not good, not prudent. My cloud service did come back online, and everything appears to be fine insofar as the files I have on there, but you can be sure I updated my backups pronto.

I will also look into the outage to see if I can get some more information. Stuff happens, and the service (pCloud) has been working well for the past 6 months or so, since I started using it after switching from Dropbox, but that little splash of the cold water of reality makes me want to check things out a bit more.

Lesson learned.

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