Ohio Cons' Computer Fiasco

Ah, remember the good old days when people in jail would wear striped jammies and whittle fake guns out of bars of soap so they could plan for the next breakout? You have seen those movies, right?

These days, at least in one Ohio correctional facility, things are a little more sophisticated; inmates cobbled together a couple of computers from spare parts, ran some network cabling and connected to the Marion Correctional Institution's network. Then they downloaded porn, did some identity theft and a bit of tax fraud.

A new report from the Ohio Inspector's General Office describes the how and why of the 2015 incidents, and in a conclusion that would delight Captain Obvious, refers to "lax supervision".
Inmates had numerous unsupervised hours to collect, transport, covertly install, and connect the computers to an unprotected network switch. Inmates routinely used computers in offices without windows or windows that were covered and doors that could be closed.

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