Smell That? It's The Stink Of Conformity

Unless I am greatly mistaken, we appear to be well on our way into an era of forced conformity and "groupthink" that would cause George Orwell to take a step back. Oh, I expect there will be a rebellion at some point and the pendulum will swing back the other way, but it's not a very comfortable time to live in, at least for this old coot.

The prevailing acceptable behavior norms seem to be largely driven by our media culture, and to a lagging degree by our politicians (or at least some of them). Political Correctness got an infusion of energy from somewhere, and has turned into a green, enraged "Hulk" version of itself. 

You are surprised by the sudden enforcement of "gender neutral" pronouns? HOMOPHOBE!

You are uncomfortable with the concepts of "open borders" or "sanctuary cities"? XENOPHOBE!

You feel that Black Lives Matter sometimes acts more like the KKK than MLK? RACIST!

The range of "acceptable" opinions that one may hold is narrowing alarmingly, and one wonders exactly how and why this is happening? It's not something I expected from the "Land of the Free", but there it is. The suppression of contrary ideas and opinions is well under way in the USA.

Oh, and feel free to tell me what a bigoted horse's ass I am in the comments . . . 

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