Google Home vs Amazon Echo

Ah, "first world" problems. If you are the market for such a thing, which should you buy - the Amazon Echo or Google Home? Both are similar, in that they offer a voice operated "home companion" that you can ask questions of and give instructions to.

Personally, this sort of thing is one of several technological blind spots I have - they seem to be a solution in search of a problem. I do use the Google voice feature on my Android phone because it's easier to ask some questions that to type on that little keyboard with my sausage fingers, but other than that I have no particular need for a device to be hanging on my every word in my living room.

But I digress, and am probably just being a negative Nelly. While I don't have the resources to purchase both of these devices and check them out for you, HowToGeek does - and does a nice job of explaining where these devices differ and therefore which may suit your needs or wants better.

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