I Have Finally Succumbed To Discworld

Over the years, I kept hearing or reading how good the Discworld series of novels were, and I doggedly put off investing my time in them. The main reason was that I had seen part of the TV adaptation of the first couple of novels several years ago, and really did not like it - despite it featuring several actors that I usually enjoy. It's hard to put my finger on why, but I never even completed watching the thing. 

Some of the Discworld cast of characters, with Terry Pratchett reading

The book series was written by the late English author Sir Terry Pratchett over the course of many years, and has a lot of titles (41, according to Wikipedia). I am not a writing critic, but I can say that - after around a dozen novels so far - the series has been a revelation, and I have only encountered one novel so far that I thought was less than excellent (but still enjoyable). If I may say so, there is also a nice "Douglas Adams" vibe here and there - another author I enjoy greatly.

What also struck me is the change in tone between the first couple of novels, which are concerned with the hapless wizard Rincewind, and the third novel "Equal Rites" which follows a young rural girl Esk who tries to break into the strictly male profession of wizardry. The humor here is a little mellower and the story a bit less frantic, which fits the narrative well.

Subsequent novels do sometimes refer back to previous stories in a minor way, and while I am choosing to enjoy these in the order they were published, it feels like most of the stories are self-contained enough within the Discworld universe that you could jump in pretty much anywhere and still enjoy each book.

I am enjoying these via audiobook, and have been impressed by the voice talent so far. I can see myself plowing through many more (if not all) of these over the coming months and years.

I would definitely recommend these if you have a taste for British absurdist humor and gentle social - sometimes even profound - commentary, graced by a wild imagination.

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