Stephen Colbert May Have Overplayed His Hand

I get it: the established media loathes President Donald Trump. To them (and a good chunk of the population) he embodies the Yang to President Obama's Yin. I understand all that.

However, late night golden boy Stephen Colbert may have overplayed his hand recently when during a "playful rant" (as described by Vanity Fair) he declared that:
"the only thing [Trump's] mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin's cock holster."
Most media outlets present this as "c**k", I chose otherwise, to give you the full impact of the "joke".

Now, any public figure is subject to criticism and ridicule, and that is bread and butter to much of late night TV - but surely Mr Colbert could restrain his hatred just a bit and come up with something clever, rather that something gross that a 14-year old might laugh at.

He also riled up the LGBTQ community with the remark, and the FCC is now actually investigating all of this and a possible fine may ensue. This was done on broadcast TV after 10pm, so there is more leeway on what can be said.

I am not calling for Stephen Colbert to be fired or anything, he can say what he likes (within reason on network TV), but there has to be some blowback for something so egregious.

I can also garan-damn-tee you that if Greg Gutfeld or someone on Fox had said the same thing about President Obama, the sponsors would be leaving in droves and the torches and pitchforks would be out.

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