Apple's New iOS Features "Do Not Disturb While Driving"

Apple's new version of their iOS mobile device operating system brings a new, voluntary (for now?) mode referred to as "Do Not Disturb While Driving". When the iPhone or iPad is operating in this mode, it will not allow much of anything to happen if the device is in a moving vehicle. You won't get calls or be able to use apps - in fact the screen will also remain blank.

I can see this rather quickly becoming a non-optional feature on phones in general because of the stubborn belief that people seem to have that they can safely drive and text at the same time (just look around you as you head into work in the morning). The UK is already looking into mandatory "safe driving  mode" legislation.

Part of me applauds that because of the distracted drivers I see so often, and I have already had someone bump into my car because they were on the phone. Part of me is appalled though, at how every bloody tech thing seems to eventually be "brought under control" of our governments.
The DNDWD mode detects that you are in motion using WiFi doppler effect (why not the GPS?) then it turns everything off, no playing games or using apps. It also sends a reply to family and friends who text you that you are driving.

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