CityTree Aims To Help Urban Air Quality

The "best" air pollution is no air pollution, of course, and in may countries and cities things are better today than say 30 years ago. However, there are plenty of situations where some extra help in cleaning up existing air pollution would be welcome. 

Ideally, it would be some that is not too intrusive and that uses little or no power to operate. In fact trees help in this regard, but if we could make a sort of "concentrated tree", that would probably be good. The "CityTree" from Green City Solutions is said to have the same benefit as a couple of hundred trees, is much smaller than a single tree, and is typically solar powered.

It's actually not a tree but a kind of moss that has a large surface area because of how it grows.
The huge surfaces of moss installed in each tree can remove dust, nitrogen dioxide and ozone gases from the air. The installation is autonomous and requires very little maintenance: solar panels provide electricity, while rainwater is collected into a reservoir and then pumped into the soil.
It's not a solution to air pollution in cities, but every bit helps, and the product is even aesthetically pleasing.


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