Home Rental vs Income In The USA

A report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition titled "Out of Reach 2017reports upon the relation of the cost of housing vs what an hourly worker needs to make to rent a 2-bedroom home in the USA in 2017. 

The study calculates the hourly rate based upon the housing not exceeding 30% of a persons budget, and upon the earnings of a single person.

While the primary purpose of the study is to highlight the difficulties facing a person making minimum wage as far as being able to afford such rental housing, it also shows how expensive housing has become, and really shows the differences in the various areas of the United States.  

California and some of the small North Eastern states are just crazy expensive, while in the middle of the country there are a good number of states averaging almost half  of those expensive states. In several ways, it's an eye-opener.

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Business Insider

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