There's An App For That? Blurred Backgrounds

Smartphone cameras are pretty great - they are often of decent quality, and you probably always have it with you. You can add a bit of creative flare too, as most camera apps allow some editing/tweaking after that fact.

One pleasing effect that is readily accomplished with a "real" (such as a DSLR) camera is to manipulate the focus so that you have a blurred background - this can be useful in portraits for example, so the the eye is naturally drawn to the subject instead of the surroundings.

While you can get lens blur with some versions of the Google camera app, there may be an easier way to accomplish it via an app like AfterFocus. The app is available as a free and paid version for Android and Apple devices, and also includes some other effects such as creating a vignette effect (also sometimes pleasing in portraits).

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