CNN And The Streisand Effect

CNN was apparently blissfully unaware of the Streisand Effect until this week. While that seems almost impossible to believe, how else to account for their heavy-handed and overwrought reaction to a tweet from President Trump? 

CNN seems to have been pretty openly pursuing an anti-Trump agenda for some time now, but even so their latest self-righteous stance at times almost looks and sounds like an article from The Onion, instead of a "trusted" international news organization.

The short version is that President Trump tweeted a silly meme of him apparently pummeling a man with a CNN logo for a face. This was an altered version of another short clip of Trump setting upon wrestling promoter Vince McMahon (a staged, brief "fight" at a wrestling event some years ago).

CNN immediately called out the meme as a call to violence against journalists (!?), and set off in a fit of pique to find out whoever put this clip together.

They tracked down the person via Reddit, and there followed a sort of weird shake down where CNN appeared to effectively threaten to dox the person if they ever did anything ever again that might besmirch the name of CNN  - or something like that. 

The Streisand Effect then kicked in with a vengeance, and a whole slew of new cartoon memes have been unleashed with cardboard cut outs of "President Trump" vanquishing "CNN" ad nauseum.

I suspect most of the folks who made these don't even like President Trump - they just despise what CNN did.

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