Monitoring An Elderly Relative In Their Home

Used in a caring manner, technology can be a real help if you have an older relative who is reaching that stage where you feel the need to "keep an eye" on them. Maybe Mom has left something on the stove a couple of times recently (that you know of), or you are worried about a possible fall.

In many cases - more so these days than in earlier times - you can't visit regularly, but you try to call and so on. One option is to monitor with a camera or cameras in Mom's place. There are several services of this kind available, and in the video below Leo LaPorte (The Tech Guy) responds to a caller with just such concerns.

While sticking up a few cameras in an elderly relatives' home may seem a bit clinical, at least you have another resource you can regularly check in case your loved one runs into difficulties. I would not consider it a replacement for dropping in when you can, but it's certainly helpful.

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