Windows 10 System Image Backup On The Way Out

Windows 10 has brought with it some changes that seem to be happening at a faster pace than in days of yore (or in days of Windows 7 and 8, anyway). Addition and removal of notable program elements used to be largely reserved for the "Service Packs" - big update packages that might come every couple of years.

Now, Microsoft is rolling out theses sorts of changes several times a year in some instances. The Fall "Creator's Update" is an example of some notable changes listed here

There are several items considered "deprecated" (no longer being updated, and which will be removed in the future) or ones that will actually be removed following that update.

One of the deprecated items caught my eye - the "System Image Backup" or "SIB". This component allows you to create a backup "image" of your Windows 10 system, in case something catastrophic happens (ransomware, for example).

An image backup allows you to restore your operating system, apps and data at one time. Most folks - if they back up at all - just backup their data, and if disaster strikes would reload the operating system, then reinstall their programs and then restore their backed up data. 

So, a word to the wise, Microsoft is recommending that you look to a 3rd party solution if you want to also have some kind of image backup to turn to when the unthinkable happens. You have several options, including free ones that you can find here. This list is kept up to date.

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